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Rene Reza exhibition

In “Remezov” hotel, with the support of the “Tyumen” magazine and “Equilibrium” concierge service was opened the first large exhibition of the Tyumen artist and the founder of the filumizm Rene Reza (Igor Ryazantsev). For this exhibition Igor painted a portrait one of the most controversial figures of the XX century - Gregory Rasputin. The painting was accomplished in unique “filumizm” technique by using 24 carat gold. The essence of the technique is that the acrylic paint is forced through the usual medical syringe needle and placed on the surface of the canvas in the form of colored fine filaments, creating a kind of non-woven acrylic tapestry. In 2011, Igor Ryazancev patented “filumizm”, thus becoming the only one artist in the world, who working in this technique.

Only for clients “Equilibrium” concierge service available special conditions for the creation and acquisition of works by Igor Ryazantsev made ​​in the “filumizm” technique.

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